Interestingly our taste-buds crave for an array of food each time. Sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet, sometimes plain simple food, sometimes no food at all may be. Most of the times, if dining outside I get tempted to try on different cuisines just for the sake of experimenting & experiencing (of course to kill my appetite too), when I realise some taste scrumptious and some don’t.                                

My food habits are pathetic, I hardly eat my breakfast. If breakfast means having a mug of tea, then I follow it ritually with a buttered toast (now I am bored of this too). Lunch is usually a Sub. I prefer Sub not for any Size Zero fad but my work gets really hectic and eating a heavy lunch makes me feel drowsy and makes it difficult to sit through the remaining hours post lunch.  Though some days, team lunch / lunch with friends becomes an indulgent. Dinner I skip if I have had a heavy lunch or may be chapatti/rice with some curry. 

What I long for is a nice weekend home cooked lunch, which I try and make it lavish yet simple. Nothing tops my list than home cooked food. So here I went to hand-pick some fresh looking luscious veggies from bazaar. (Not the super markets as I feel they are not the farm fresh ones). 

Today’s lunch was made of raw jackfruit and potato curry (one of my favourites), lady’s finger cooked with shallots in a poppy seed paste, some daal to go with rice & fresh cucumber salad and green chillies.

Dessert…? It was chilled Lassi (A drink made of sugar & yoghurt) topped with cream to beat the heat!