Personally, I detest attending weddings because that multitude of gathering somehow scares me and I kind of feel slightly uncomfortable. But if it’s someone close I make it a point to go, convey my wishes and steer clear. If, the wedding is in the family I have discovered it’s fun…& the best part is that it is an extraordinary formula to reinforce the bond. Shopping together, feasting, chalking out wedding-plans, cracking jokes, night-outs, etc. is an utter joy.

My brother is getting married this month, towards the end and all the mad rush has just begun. Yeah, my opinion still is the same…having too many people around and all that hullabaloo is panicky… however, it’s 100% FUNtastic 🙂 . The togetherness & enjoyment it brings is simply wonderful, besides welcoming a new member in the family!

You all are invited 🙂