Anger/Rage/Fury is one of the worst forms of emotional outburst. It leads to displeasure & a whole lot of bitterness. We blame it on circumstances, stress, anguish, etc. I have observed at times, it’s also due to my irregular and skipping meal habits that I become a little irritable. Reluctantly I guess, we vent it on our loved ones. 

All we do with our angst is that we lose our moment; rather spoil other’s moment too. We may have our share of troubles/pressures but it’s really unfair to shed it on someone else. If it’s my fault I ensure I apologise before it’s too late and make up for it. Also, I realise life is too short to squander o’er teeny-weeny things.

We can… may be try….& control our anger and make our lives and others peaceful.