Tiny … cute little face,
with innocence in her eyes,
wearing a sweet smile,
thumps her little feet,
as she comes nearby!
A bundle of joy she is,
an angel & love of my life!

Life seems blessed when my two year old niece would open her arms wide to embrace me after i return from a tiring day at work. I hug her tight & then with her naughty smile she would say timidly whispering into my ears, β€œwhat did you bring for me?”  πŸ™‚ As i rummage through my bag to take out her favourite candies …I can’t express how gleefully she dances around as if the world’s at her feet on getting those candies!

I know i am spoiling πŸ˜‰ but then am selfish as her smile brings a smile on my face too πŸ™‚