Well, yes one of my desires to learn baking breads and cakes turned out to be truly delicious last week! I apparently found one institute that teaches reasonably well …the art of making fine breads, cakes, croissants etc. It’s an art I say that involves patience, interest, creativity besides a passion to eat and treat.

It was my first class, & I learnt to bake breads with the help of my chef` after much kneading & punching 🙂 ! Aroma was so much delectable…while it was baking hot in the oven…it’s almost inexplicable in words, you have to just experience it!!

Delicately gave it different shapes. Some into buns, knotted breads, dinner rolls, tutty frutty buns etc 🙂

Unbelievable isn’t? Yes, I baked them 🙂 ! Fresh out of oven and when buttered, it just melts into your mouth!!

Here’s wishing you all a great weekend ahead! 🙂