4:00 AM – I believe that’s the peak hour when human beings actually sleep deep. At least for ppl who sleep around or past midnight 😀 !!!  No no am not giving some medical gyan or something here but want to check how does one cope up receiving a crank call at that hour?

On hearing the phone bell that early morning, I feebly & in a wobbly state reach out for my phone, assuming may be some emergency!  Well, i was not even in a state to be angry so when i heard it’s some crank call I hung up. My misery did not end there, it started ringing again. This time without answering i kept disconnecting the call with my finger on the button & my phone under the pillow (Remember: Am still half-sleepy) 🙂 may be three or four times!!!

When it rang next I lost my sleep and control both and shouted “WRONG NUMBER” and hung up! Worst of all was the other person could speak nothing but Telugu (A regional language that I am yet to pick up) I was apparently at loss of words 😦

Muttering…again i felt asleep!