As the New Year dawns,
Here’s a promise…to myself,
A new lease of life,
Full of zest and positive spirit.
So what, if something is lost,
There would be new found things,
Yet to unfold, awaiting my way;
I hope this & much more,
As the New Year dawns!

While I see everyone making resolutions, plans, wishes for the upcoming year, I have nothing much…but to recollect and see where can I fill the gap. This year has been quite a topsy-turvy for me!!! I had almost lost myself if it was not for my loved ones. I really; really wish not to carry forward a few things as the new day, New Year dawns…! All that experience doesn’t leave me bitter, but gives me enough reason to look forward to a better year, a promising one, more fulfilling and satisfactory if not all! Despite all the tough times… my family, my dearest and loving friends has been through thick and thin, supported me, & loved me throughout unconditionally! As the year ends, here’z my heart-felt thanks to them 🙂 !! Nothing lasts but love of your loved ones, remember!

Since I am in this grateful mode, I would also wish to profusely thank the person, who conceived this whole idea of Web Log – prominently known as Blog! Through this I have truly evolved, pouring my heart out, reading other’s posts, comments etc. It’s mysterious to me, without even meeting, how, through this medium of write-ups/posts I have felt so connected with all my Blog Friends (Silent Readers too), felt so close to them! 

Celebrate, Party Hard, Be Safe & Blessed 🙂

Much Love!!!