It’s the norm; I suppose to find out when a girl apparently “of her age” is getting married? If not, then it becomes disastrous. Relatives, neighbours, colleagues, so called friends, their friends and everyone else make it an agenda, to discuss & dissect the whole affair. In social get-togethers it becomes a hot topic. Or rather, I must say they get something juicy to “Gossip” about. So, “When are you getting married?”; ”Why don’t you find a soul mate”…”Oh! It’s very important to get married at a certain age…and then all the “gyan” sessions?? Oh!! Am sorry “Free Gyan” mind you okay…? As if …the eligible grooms are available at the click of a button? Or easily buyable in the market.

Why can’t people leave the poor girl at her own mercy? Why do they have to make it even more difficult for her?