Patience is the key, I believe to a beautiful life! Sometimes, we become impatient, restless and need everything JUST NOW or NEVER. Solutions to our problems in life, quick fixing them, quick money, quick recovery, this and that…almost everything. How would life be otherwise? How would we know the value of happiness without undergoing some pain and hurt? If there’s a sunset, there’s a sunrise too. Times may change, circumstances may; but elements of nature can’t. God has ensured there’s a balance & am quite sure with a reason. Nothing is permanent, so are troubled times.

It’s about faith; it’s thy belief we hold on to,
It’s about strength, why we choose you,
Almighty You are, omnipresent by virtue,
we seek Your blessings & guidance,
…all through the journey of our life.
You are kind, You are forgiving,
In You we find solace – an instinct to happy living!

Just a little hope & patience required, isn’t?