What should one do to drive away the horrid blues?

  1. Pick up your phone & speak with one of your best-est friends. You need not even talk but just listen …somehow it helps a great deal, may be the faith!
  2. Write to your heart’s content, great if it’s on blog cause the comments would surely bring back the lost smile, else choose a nice diary to rant. Who cares about the language, you anyway not competing to become a Nobel laureate, are you? 😉
  3. Go to the terrace, feel the air …breathe in and breathe out at least ten times. Trust me this works…
  4. Shopping therapy? Oh yes it helps, buy something that would make you feel good. Don’t care about the money, just do it …of course going overboard may lead to another blues 😉 so may be watch it…
  5. Keep yourself busy, because then you would have no time or patience for grief 😀
  6. Last but surely not the least perhaps, find out the reason of your grief and try to identify if it’s worth all your stress. If not; then why lose on life’s beauty. It’s easier said than done, but we all can try. Try, & become stronger in life so as to sustain!

Friends, let me know too how do you all try to drive ’em away, if any 🙂