Ok, after enough reviews and surely to take a break from the routine stuff n crazy work – schedules in the recent past… I decide to watch this movie…Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year! It’s funny, not the movie yet, I will come on that later…I drive away faster after work to reach the theatre and be able to grab a ticket and here on roads some cranky fella thinks am competing with him and HE does not give me the SIDE… I grumble and mumble in my mind, thinking if i miss the movie “I will see you, you …You Idiot”… and end up racing with him. And believe me it gives me immense PRIDE to defeat a man on the roads ;)( Pun-Intended).

Thankfully, I reach the theatre and get a ticket too… NOW all the weird stares…? I fail to understand why is it that people give bizarre looks when you are in the theatre to watch the movie alone… I mean, ya its fun to watch it with friends but eventually you go to watch the movie and not to gossip…Yeah..? Anyway, sitting there I suddenly realise …what if someone asks me if I came alone to watch this movie. I think hard and then come up with a solution that if a situation like that arrives I can answer confidently I AM A FILM CRITIC :D; perhaps that could shut their mouth or whatsoever.

Now, on the Movie…as a FILM CRITIC 😉 Well, yes I loved the movie. It’s again one of those feel good movies, first half may be a bit slow paced but i guess that was required to give the twist to the tale but surely at no point you feel bored which is the merit of any good movie. WARNING: this is not a typical Bollywood Ishtyle so you must not expect hero-heroine dancing around trees or loud music, rona dhona etc. It’s a neat subject-oriented flick – one dealing with Sale’s Man’s life, theri work pressure & challenges. All the characters did a fairly decent job, and justified the characters well enough! No melodrama and really well directed. Even to the minuscule detail if you watch… that the phone given to Ranbir Kapoor was soo dirty.

Coming to Ranbir Kapoor, :)I know it can be a bad compliment for MEN but I felt like pulling his cheeks …he looooked so damn cute and adorable.

That’s not all …like good old story books, this movie sends you back home with a moral too 😀 for the BOSSES of course “Business is all about people and not just numbers, if people are happy, the business will prosper “