She smiled gently and holding his hands they both looked at their angel who seemed to be at peace, sleeping unremittingly in the cot all wrapped up after entering into this whole enigmatic world. Their life seemingly now revolved around her, nurturing her, providing all the possible happiness that she could have dreamed of. While Eliza was still in the womb, her parents were thrilled as any parent would be. They had all the plans to welcome their child. Painted the room, filled up the place with all the cute looking adorable toys, bought tiny little sweet clothings and of course chose a nice cosy cradle for her snooze hours. Each day passed with electrifying excitement and hopefulness… And, now there she lay, her face glimmered with serenity – their bundle of joy had arrived. Life was never the same anymore.

Three years they waited hoping to see some miracle but alas! Eliza was pronounced as a special child. The doctors identified it was Cerebral Palsy.

It’s devastating; I know and can so much empathize with what the parents might be going through during such a circumstance. A friend of mine is facing this life time crisis. All I wish sincerely is may almighty God provide them with immense strength and courage to fight this.