What’s life without a dream? A reverie of distant thoughts; desires and may be some unrevealed Utopia. Life lacks lustre without dreams. It’s beautiful; spinning reticent; yet intricate yarns of never ending dreams. Lighter, fun filled, adorable they are. I am a dreamer, love to be in the world of fantasy. Surely, they bring in smile, some happiness and hope. Ephemeral it is, but like a twinkle in your eyes, they shine bright…

My eyes are filled with dreams,                                                                                                                   
Of love, life and laughter,
Of hope, fun and delight,
There’s no day or night,
But dreams they are… full of life,
I smile, I rejoice the beauty,
with euphoric mind…
Dreams that make me alive
I breathe in freedom, I dance in joy,
I whirl around and beam with pride,
Only space where no grief can touch;
That’s my beautiful dream…my world insight…!