Self absorbed I was…I admit, all this while. It’s strange but somehow we prioritize things that should bear least significance, and ignore the “NOW”. Only; if we did not lose the sanity, life would have been a lot better.  Though, several times it’s been injected into my blood through friends; I finally gain self-control and say to myself, “Stop brooding o’er the past, enjoy your present and glorify your future”.

Yes, inadvertently life at times takes us through a tough ride, so much so that we dwell in the past, and overlook our NOW. Why should bygones seek control over our NOW? The moment it empowers, we tend to fall weak and this weakness leads to further endurance.

Very recently a dear friend told me, “It’s fine to withdraw oneself completely as long as you are able to pull yourself out of it effectively”!

Thank you “all” my well wishers …for; your concerns really matter to me 🙂 & I mean it sincerely.