Today as the fine line of moon is sighted; all over the world there is excitement to celebrate Eid tomorrow. In Arabic Eid means festivity. It’s believed that the Holy book “Quran” was revealed during this month to Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Today it also marks the end of fasting that Muslims observe over a month during this period… Throughout the day from dawn they refrain from food and water & break it only at dusk. It allows, Muslims to practice self-discipline, sacrifice and most importantly empathy for those who are less fortunate. It further enables more endurance & spirituality over human mind, body & soul. Although it is customary, but during this month Muslims devote to God completely and seek absolution by means of offering special prayers, reading the holy book & giving alms to the poor and needy ones. Each festival is sanctified in its own sweet way and so is Eid. It’s even sweeter with the meethi siwai (a sweet dish) that’s so popular across all religions during this festive season 🙂 !!!

God bless one and all as they celebrate Eid with their family and loved ones!!