Mrs. Joshi – She worked with a bank and sought retirement to spend rest of her life with her husband at peace. Life is all topsy-turvy when her husband’s extra marital relationship comes into light, she moves out of the house disheartened and feeling deceived after 30 yrs long married life. Her husband makes every attempt to reconcile things but it’s too late and he passes away. Trouble lies, when later she digs into facts that the business has faced tremendous loss and there’s a daughter too out of his other wife, who after his death claims share in the property. Mrs. Joshi makes an effort to deal with the situation pretty gracefully.

Pooja – Faced a severe domestic violence in her newly wedded life. Has a husband who is a psychopath and loves to see the fear on his wife’s face. He waits for an opportunity to abuse her at the slightest fault. Once, the things go awry & Pooja is beaten up black and blue by her husband, she ends up lodging a police complaint. This results in her husband’s overnight jail trip, where he gets smacked by the officer too. Male ego, as they say decides to avenge his sufferings and he cheats her and her mother & confiscates their only ancestral property leaving Pooja and her mother helpless and at his mercy.  

Nanda Shinde – A simple middle class family, but Nanda is overtly concerned about her teenage daughter Geethi’s safety in this exceedingly wild environment. Once while commuting she encounters a young retarded orphan teenager who gets impregnated by a fraud. This leaves her extremely disturbed & concerned towards her own daughter. She tries every possible means to keep her daughter distant from any sort of trouble, but sadly she isn’t spared. Her innocent daughter is conspired against a plot by her college friends where she gets arrested by the policemen in a drugs affair. Looking at her family background she is set free but the guy who got her into this trouble is reprimanded by Geethi’s mom, Nanda also pursues her daughter to give a statement in the court against the college fellow. He gets sentenced, but because of his father’s strong connections he gets freed easily. He then targets Nanda by attacking Geethi, who is her weakness by all probability. He molests her and in turn dies accidently. Geethi is again in Police custody, as they think its she who killed him. Her family is struggling against all odds to prove their daughter’s innocence.

Bubbly Chadha – A happy go lucky girl, who is brave enough and has a solution for each problem. She is stuck in her middle-class life by availing all the possible luxuries through EMI’s. Has a loving husband though who tries his best to see his wife happy at whatever cost…

All the above four women commute by a local train, Ladies Special to their respective workplaces in Mumbai.  They chuckle; they bond and support each other in their own ways to combat life’s struggles.  I am not too much of a television person, and especially hate saas-bahu or crappy TV shows…! This is one soap that I kinda like it probably because it has bites of reality…! It somehow motivates me and reminds me of what Mahatma Gandhi  had quoted once, “ I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”!!!