…but I do hate the self-centered and illogical politicians!! Yes, I don’t belong to the school of thoughts who think politics is dirty, but most defenitely the way our politicians(not everyone though, but the ratio is appalling) these days are consumed to money, power and position; I can’t help but just feel sorry, and I simply do not hesitate to express my desire to join the politics sometime in future :D…  ! I hope and encourage that youngsters too must aspire to join the system as any other career because the country needs some good, educated, sensible leaders to run the show.

Today during my leisure time at work (my boss shouldn’t see this of course 😉 cause BOSSES have a problem seeing their subordinates having a good deal of time while they are slogging 😀 ) but jokes apart …I chanced to browse through Outlook magazine. Generally speaking, I am not too much into these business mags unless the articles are really impressive and eye-catching. I read a cover story…probably the recent issue… on Jaswant Singh, a BJP Leader and a party veteran who has been recently expelled. Why? I tried to play around with my mind thinking what could have been the actual reason. Was it because, he wrote a book …or voiced his opinion…or because he chose to write on a subject like Md. Ali Jinnah ?? I mean how ridiculous can a reason be to expel a leader, and then create a political turmoil out of the whole affair! Do we belong to the nation that talks about Freedom of expression, secularism…etc etc..?

 Whatever is the fiasco, something that has seriously generated interest in my mind now is to buy the edition and read it…and finally pass my judgement. The book’s titled Jinnah: India-Partition –Independence. The book, seems to have been banned in Gujarat. To this Singh quoted fabulously, “The day we started banning books, we are banning thinking” !!!

Jaswant Singh by the way is one of the few politicians who has been appointed as Minister of Defence, Finance and External affairs..! In the cover story, I was fascinated by his choice of words so I am kinda looking forward to voraciously read it.