Kaminey  Vishal Bhardwaj has proved it yet again. He is one of the best film makers in Hindi Film Industry. I guess Omkara was his last one and with Kaminey promos and “dhan tadaan” song I was so much looking forward to watching it. It has a simple story line, but scores very very high on performances delivered by every character in the film. I think that’s a speciality of Vishal’s offering, he chooses and portrays his characters with fine nuances even if they have a ten minute appearance, but they do leave an impact. Cinematography, is worth an applause! The movie has some crass humor, drama & lots of violence, so may not suit the audience who have a subtle taste of movies otherwise!

Finally remember that: “Waat iffe nahi lagti ki tu kaun fa rafta chunta hai ….waat iffe lagti hai ki tu kaun fa rafta chorta hai” 😀 you have to watch the movie to understand this 😉


There are very few movies that touch your soul, and Stepmom is one of them. I watched it a few days ago on HBO. Jackie(Susan) is fighting a terminal cancer & a LIFE that involves Luke – her ex-husband(Ed Harris), her children – Ben…Anna; and stepmom, Isabel(Julia Roberts). Isabel learns that Luke cannot do without his children and makes every effort to win their love & affection. She TRIES and continues to try through every means & does her bit, while Jackie with great dignity and poise endures the pain of both the disease and life’s emotional battle. An excerpt from the movie that’s worth a mention:  Jackie telling her daughter while celebrating her last christmas with children: “People go on forever; because there’s always somebody to take you along in the journey of life!”