Well, this weekend was extraordinarily great. It was so much fun meeting Megan for the first time who visited India from United States, and within no time we became sort of good pals; predominantly because we shared a lot of common interests like, nature, animal kingdom, travelling, reading fairy tales, CHAI :), vegetarian food…no wonder our birth month is even the same. We did shopping together, browsed books, had quick bites, exchanged notes on cultural differences, transitions in United States after Obama’s presidentship 😉 etc etc!!!


a..quick bite of chocolate fondue and Iced Tea….(hmmm the chocy syrup was deliciously exotic!!!)


…a hurried trip to crafts mela!!!


…and enjoyed the much awaited shower 🙂

By the way Megan was amused of whatever little she noticed on roads that Indian women are always so well dressed and made up to perfection, unlike in west where they are more casual. Am sure she would get a shock of her life to see Ekta Kapoor’s serials where Indian Women wake up with their make-up on 😀

Anyway, thank you Megan for the wonderful time I had with you!