26072009093 Saw the glitz and glamor of Hyderabadi Walima (Reception).

28072009129 Bunked 😉 and took my family to a park which had so many peacocks …they looked amazing swirling and hopping around. The minute I went close-by to capture a pic in my cam, it ran away swiftly 😦 leaving me disappointed. But lemme admit, the place is awesome, and the slight drizzle in the evening made the trip even more pleasant. Later we had our share of yummy customized icecreams at one of the coziest parlors.

01082009143 haha!! Not to forget how much I played with my adorable niece. made her 9Xm’s “Bheegi billi’ (her fave channel)…and she was so delighted that she kept looking at the mirror.



My Powdal..baby ( She calls powder that way)