This is for a few eligible friends of mine who are a bit confused as to what to look for… in a right guy while choosing them as a life partner. I know, in arranged marriage it’s a bit difficult as the time frame to understand or know more about their would-be is quite brief ….while in Love marriages too it’s ruled out of late, since all in love would exhibit their coolest habits and hide their grey areas (in some cases out of fear of losing their partner & rest out of deceiving habits :p ). At least I believe that money, degree, swanky jobs and posts etc…& looks (minimum that you can desire is he is presentable) are very temporary and they certainly do not count in my list… so what does..?

  1. Should be a good human being.
  2. Should be sensitive towards your emotions.
  3. Should be loving and caring.
  4. Should be responsible enough.
  5. Should be very considerate and respectful towards his own parents and family (If he does, he surely would care for you).
  6. Should be there with you when you are in pain and distressed. Should sail with you through the tough times.
  7. Should be compassionate and accommodating to not only your needs and desires but others too.
  8. Should be supportive towards your decisions.
  9. Should love you unconditionally.
  10. Last but not the least of course, he should be completely committed to you.

It certainly may sound like a perfect 10 list, and not all the above said characteristics you may find in one guy but trust me if a guy is not sensitive and caring enough towards you and your emotions; he is worthless and the chances of such a relationship getting weaker is pretty high!!!

A note of caution for those who may think I am being unrealistic: Well at least I have not mentioned that a guy should be muscular, should be fair & handsome, should know how to cook, should be able to look after house and kids, should be able to balance work and home etc etc. ….unlike guys who mention, “Sundar, susheel, gharelu kanyayein” (Pretty, decent, homely bride 😉 hi chahiye in matrimonial ads & likewise…)

Relationships, any relationship for that matter needs to be worked upon…!!! The balance has to be created from both the ends to make it really succeed life long!!