The house was adorned with “toran” and bright marigold flowers in the form of garlands. Guests had started pouring in to rejoice the week long functions. Everyone in Sharma Jee’s house seemed to be busy with the wedding arrangements. Mrs. Sharma wore a bright yellow Banarasi saree with lots of gold ornaments and walked out perfecting her saffron color bindi and mogra. At the backyard where all kinds of savouries were prepared, she yelled at the “halwai” to make laddoos only with “shudh desi ghee” for her son’s wedding. Sharma Jee at the other end; was busy instructing and placing orders for various other wedding necessities.

It was an auspicious occasion at Sharma household after several months’ of stress, “vraths” and “pooja-paath” at Mata jee’s mandir in order to get rid of their only son’s past liaison with the Christian girl, Annie. They sought several remedies from their ancestral purohit jee, travelled far & wide to save their son from any sort of evil eye. In due course, their prayers were answered. Mrs. Sharma’s faith in God had strengthened galore as never before when Ajay, and Annie had parted ways.