The curtains made of fine linen were flowing gently with serene current of air and she sat looking outside the French windows thinking of what happened last night. Her eyes were moist and she looked crumpled and forlorn.

“Please give me one more chance, I plead & beg of you”, Arunima fell at his feet weeping inconsolably. Shailesh conveniently shrugged her off and mercilessly said “I don’t care but it’s all over now”. “Shailesh, but I love you, and I am being sorry about the whole thing” and “No” came the answer. “Have you ever thought what would happen to me later, what if I do something to myself? Arunima whimpered. “Huh! What else can be expected, you would leave me with more troubles” said Shailesh. “I would do everything you want me to; I would become the way you want me to…please don’t leave me Shailesh….please… Arunima appealed and fell on her knees. “I can’t start over all this just out of forced guilt you moron. Just get off” and Shailesh walked out…

 “Oh, I must persuade again, after all I love him and want him…relationships are not meant to be lost but worked upon, She pondered over this and suddenly wiping her tears got up. Shailesh seemed to be impassive. By then he was already watching TV in the living room. She was just getting restless…but that went unnoticed. She went and sat next to Shailesh quietly; thinking when he would turn and say something. His phone beeped… he answered politely “Would call you back a little later”, Arunima asked “who was that at this hour?” Shailesh replied indifferently, “A very close friend of mine, does it matter?” Her heart pinched to the core on hearing this. “Shailesh, I need to make a call can you pass on your phone?” said Arunima. She acquired the hand phone and rummaged through the messages sent by his new so called “close friend”…and was appalled to learn the developments. Shailesh yelled, “How dare you, you liar, you &*#$^% bitch…Arunima stared expressionlessly and then rose; slapped him and walked into her room.