1. I have rekindled some old` and lost friendships and thanks to my friends for accepting me yet again 🙂

2. Started practicing Yoga especially the Surya Namaskars…they pump in so much of energy.

3. Reading boooks at a fast pace…current one is “In the valley of mist”. Good read.


4. Loads of travelling and making new friends….already planning for the next trip.

5. Oh, yes need to prepare for the higher studies abroad…. I hate this one cause I hate to study. 😦 P & A forcing me into this… they think am a management material hahaha….

6. Rejoin Rubina for volunteering activities….

7. Prayers…5 times and visit Gurdwara, temples to Thank God that “Everything happens for best and he always thinks right for me and all of us.” God bless…!