It was like an oven outside one summer afternoon. She stood there frail and frowning; selling coconut water that was neatly stacked on the fragile wooden cart. The sun was sizzling. Her face was half covered with her ragged saree. The wrinkles on her forehead were evident and lips moderately dehydrated. She stopped everyone who passed by; to offer her coconut water and that’s how earned herself a few rupees. Behind her laid a child who would barely be a few days old; wrapped in a cloth under the shade of a mango tree. It wailed loudly when unattended & after a while would fall asleep famished & tired.

It grew hotter as the day passed and she was exhausted. Since her child birth she grew restless and without wasting even a day she got back to her business taking very little care of herself. She also could not feed the child due to undernourishment. During her intermittent breaks she would caress the child and feed him.

It was dark now and she moved her sleeping child to the cart and waded back home. On her way back she counted the money and smiled. With the extra money earned she bought some milk for the child. She reached home and tried to shift the baby, but the body had turned cold & lifeless.