He was sad, and some amount of tension had wrapped him up strongly. He could not believe what had just happened…he just did not want to…he wished it was a nightmare…but unfortunately it was not…! He was thinking, how is he going to handle this…what is he going to say to his family…Just last year he had taken a home loan, and had gifted a nice two bedroom flat and a car to his loving parents who were bursting with pride on their only son’s beautiful & thoughtful gift. With immense joy & pleasure they performed the “Gruha Pravesh” ceremony and had adorned it with lots of love and care. ..he was just too coiled in his own thoughts that he was almost shaken by continuous honking of cars amidst traffic.

He booked his tickets and left immediately to his nativity where his parents resided. His parents were a bit surprised to see him at an odd season…and somehow parents have a great knack of sensing their children’s discomfort how much ever you may wish to conceal. Later, the family had a quiet dinner.  He did not reveal anything as yet, and hesitated to open up. Just smiled saying…” took a short break from work…to spend time with you all”…! His mom gently caressed his head, and gave a wry smile.

Two weeks passed by and he became restless, and he insisted it’s time for him to go back….He chose to drive to the station, and his dad sat next to him …it was some 45 minutes drive to station from their “Nirmal residency” …that was the name they had chosen for the home, built with so much love and hope. He was quiet throughout and was extremely preoccupied in his own thoughts that weaved in his mind again and again. After dislocating the luggage, he took his dad aside and uttered, “Dad, I do not know how to say, but …you know…we may have some difficult times ahead…actually…err…I have lost my job…” He looked down, and the train whistled…it was time for him to board and depart.

On his way back, he thought of options to consider once he reached. Later, he had his food that his mom had packed and then he switched off his phone …and gradually closed his eyes with a sense of relief since he shared it finally with his beloved father. Next morning he was shaken by the jolt. He woke up and rushed since his destination had arrived. He got down, and switched on his phone to inform his parents that he reached safe…instead…his phone alarmed with a beep…”Your parents met with a fatal accident, please rush back”