During the practice sesions…!

…The Baradari(Monument) where we had our show!

Shailaja – “chal wahi chhand suna de jo tune Quli Qutb Shah ke shahyari pe joda hai….mana tujhe sultanon mein koi dilchaspi nahi hai, lekin Quli-bhaagmati ke ishq se to ishq hai hi…hai na????”

Must be wondering what is the dialogue all about??? Well, yes it was an excerpt from Taramati-The Legend’s script. It’s a play that was enacted at Taramati Baradari, in Hyderabad on 5th & 6th feb by APTDC….further I played the character of Shailaja, a close confidante` of  Taramati, the courtesan of Sultan Abdullah’s era. It was an exhilarating experience. First time on stage, the rehearsals, meeting eminent theater & dance personalities was absolutely fantastic. To add further the adulation on performing well was beyond my belief. People coming up from the audience and saying things like, “first time on stage, yet did a wonderful job” was extremely motivating. It was a major success, especially the reviews were great and all the artistes were appreciated for their work.

I do miss rehearsing with Rashmi Seth, Arif Zakaria, Madhu Swaminathan, Alekhya P….now that the show is over. …and also the fun times that we shared together during the Tea-Breaks.