What a platform to begin with…I couldn’t have asked for more. Finally getting to do, learn, and explore a lot of information on non-profit activities for a better standard of living for the underprivileged ones through Safa India.Org.

Safa society formed a year ago after a lot of research work has categorically chosen an untouched urban slum in Hyderabad and helping the women to earn a livelihood by “Work from home” concept. They have also incorporated a training center where women come & learn sewing, embroidery and other handicraft making skill. Their creations reach out the market and whatever funds are generated are basically distributed as wages to the women and also a portion goes out to support the school drop-out girls’ education.

The efforts do not end here, as volunteers we are deliberately beginning an awareness programme for children from the same slum on issues like health, hygiene, environment, importance of education, motivating potential drop out age-group in continuing education, goals, self-reliance etc.  This project took off just last week, and we are getting a tremendous response! Similar plan is being chalked out for the women folks, at their level.