He called Reena exceedingly late in the night. She thought it was a general call. He sounded pensive. “Did you have your dinner?” Reena asked. “Well, yes I had macaroni mince” and then he paused and continued, “Reena, my mom’s elder sister is in ICU and has been kept under ventilator. You know they give a support when it’s predictable and nearly fatal. “She gasped on hearing this since she knew how his aunt had raised his mother & the bond was so strong that the loss would be irreparable.

He was planning to pay a visit to his aunt at Allahabad, when Reena said, “Don’t worry too much, get some good sleep and call up your relatives’ to check tomorrow morning’s progress on her health and then start off immediately for Delhi, since it was only via Delhi that he could reach Allahabad after 16 hours of strenuous travel. “Hmm” …”Okay”…is all that he said and hung up. Few minutes later he called up again, and Reena thought may be he is too stressed to sleep, when he shrugged his voice and whispered, “Reena, my aunt expired at 10.40 pm in the night. Just received the news”!