Rajdeep, for a change i’m glad to see some media personnel bashing this Raj Thakeray…! And wow…again for a change someone from the media has highlighted something relevant and different from the so called masala news that spalsh the news channels every now & then, eventually reasoning with us saying that’s what the public demands.

Anyway…coming to Raj Thakeray…Who is he??? Is he trying to create some kind of history in this century??? Why is he trying to be the sole savior for maharashtrians??? Is he some kind of Prophet…or messenger of God who has appeared to bring in law and order and fight for the rights of civilians?…Or is he trying to claim  that the current Maharastrian Government is incapable of the state’s developments…?

Am I wrong in assuming that its a constitutional right given to every Indian that they are free to move around anywhere in the country and work freely anywhere? How can the government tolderate this and be a dumb spectator? Should we understand that they too comply with Raj? I mean is he more fearsome and intimidating and powerful…than the prime-minister or president of our country?

Have read the recent comments on this post too…assuming they are from the younger generation…I am really sad to read their opinions who feel Raj is doing a great job to make the maharashtrians feel proud of.. AN EYE FOR AN EYE has never been the solution for anything…it can only make everyone blind…that’s my answer to all those people here who have tried to weigh the sufferings and have made an effort to compare it with Bihar and Assam and Tamil Nadu and whatsoever….killing innocent lives or harassing them can never be justified…they are no less than an illiterate’s disposition.

I mean…in India instead of focusing on terrorism, poverty, child labor, dowry deaths, rapes & murders, corruption, genocide, female-foeticide, communal disharmony etc… our so called political leaders are stressing on marathis vs. biharis? I really feel ashamed that where India has so much to deal with, they are still stuck with regionalism & communalism to create furor to attract nothing but political attention.