Just finished reading another book by Premchand…surprisingly in a day’s time…! Premchand is a proven literary genius. One thing that I have observed that in his writings he has portrayed the emblem of women as so serene, defenseless and enduring.

“Nirmala” is a fine rendition of a typical Indian household of a middle class background. The protagonist, Nirmala goes through several upheavals in life and susceptible to pain, agony and misery of all sorts beginning from the age of 15 when her wedding is fixed at a tender age and then losing her father amongst the wedding preparations, her would-be in laws consider her as a bad omen and break the relation , and not just that due to financial crisis after losing an earning member in the family her wedding is finally fixed with a middle-aged man who already has 3 children…further situations are even worse and it leaves you aghast thinking that life could be so aching.

A good read overall but a bit saddening of course since there’s no end to the pain in Nirmala’s life.