The other day I was carrying my 6 months old niece in my arms and trying to cross the road which was bustling with traffic. I was being careful enough…and somehow managed to cross after juggling in between but…was extremely appalled by the attitude of people driving on the roads.

Why is it that people driving on roads are always in a hurry..? (Emergency cases: No comments) It’s really shameful to see people in their own frame of mind zooming away…not even bothering to pause for a while and allow a woman carrying a child in her arms, trying to cross the road. Or for that matter, a woman carrying a child in her arms and standing in the bus/train(locals)…or some senior citizens… and no one even bothers to get up and offer a seat…???? Isn’t it a disgusting state of affair? Isn’t it a minimum courtesy …out of humanity at least? How do we impart such basics..? How can people be so insensitive…why can’t they think that sometime it could as well be their mother, sister, wife too…?