What a noteworthy initiative it is…for the societal development. Virendra Singh (More info through the above link) has certainly made us all feel proud of it. I mean he has strategically developed means to provide education in a commercial sense to the girl child of northern India. The other day my friend and I were discussing that irrespective of the efforts we are putting in to uplift this sect of people by providing means of education… it’s always not a successful one because of various reasons, primarily being lack of conducive environment in their vicinity or drive to earn more to improve the financial status of the family which indulges into early employmentship. Further assuming, the kid from a slum area comes to the school where he gets everything, education, free materials, free lunch etc etc, but at the end of the day he goes back home to a drunkard father, or a wailing mother who is tired of his husband’s atrocities. Under these circumstances, he develops a pessimistic frame in his mind altogether to get rid of the pain and perhaps may not concentrate and take up something else…which is illicit by nature…. Again it’s my thought…I may be proved wrong. What I mean to say, it’s a vicious circle, and certainly a major challenge… but of course there are families who are supportive and good enough and would try to educate their children keeping them away from their worries or want their children to lead better lives out of education. So perhaps counseling the parents and educating them first can help! I wonder if adult education (Praurh shiksha abhiyan) is still executed in India. ( )