She looked into his eyes, and saw the innocence that enveloped. He was fuming with anger, and at the same time he was being apologetic of his behavior. She reeled back thinking of the fight they had in the morning, when all the time Mohak screamed and Piya holding his hands tried to take control of the situation…and make him realize it was too small a thing to over-react. They fought over a minor issue that day. Her thoughts were stirred for a moment when the attendant brought over two Iced Tea that they had ordered at the café`. Mohak was still buzzing about it when Pia silently said “I love you” into his ears, and Mohak smiled and said “I love you too”!


That’s the fundamental essence of love – an unconditional emotion. It makes you more forgiving, calm and selfless by nature. It gives you more power to endure any pain & makes you more tolerant.