It was the month of August, when heavy rains had hindered the mobility of the people in the city. It rained incessantly for 3 days. The clouds were still floating around and Raghu was worried. He wasn’t able to go to the hospital as commuting became highly impossible due to knee deep water everywhere. No other transport was accessible. His father was admitted due to some medical emergency. He sat back at home looking helplessly outside the window at the rainfall. It was only through calls at the hospital board line… that he could check his father’s progress each time. His mom grieved at the other end. Each incoming call from the hospital would rip their nerve apart. They could do nothing but pray…pray for Raghu’s father’s well-being.

Next day, the prayers were answered, and the clouds cleared. There was an insignificant dash of sunlight pouring in…and the water had percolated enough to give way to a new life…a life after so much natural disaster. So many lives & property were lost all across. Raghu was all set to leave for the hospital with his mom when the phone rang…and the other side the Nurse said…”I am sorry Raghu, but your father….”