Diya chose to walk down, though she was worn out from the day’s hard work. It was hot and sultry and she was perspiring. The roads were busy, with cars and other vehicles honking erroneously. Hurriedly she crossed the road and zipped into a lane….a narrow one…with very few street-lights glaring. Her heart started pounding since there was no-one in the vicinity. She thought why did she choose this route of all..? Every stare made her heart skip a beat. It was the stare girls are used to. Suddenly all sort of bad thoughts crept into her mind. The news papers….the news channels that splashed stories of “yet another girl’s misery”, “molestation”, “rape” etc…! She was scared thinking what if someone pounces on her…NOW? She could think of no ways to defend herself…what would she do…if such a thing happens to her..? She started praying silently and boldly walked as if there was no fear, “a fearsome soul invites more trouble”, she thought. Suddenly there was a scooter that passed by. She nearly lost her life when the riders passed some comment. She ignored and paced up high. Finally, she could see the busy street again….and she breathed a sigh of relief when she got nearer to the crowd….!