Her little hands and feet waded as if she knew someone was coming to hold her, someone was approaching to own her forever. Her eyes twinkled. She was barely a year old, lying on the cot. Aesthetically beautiful, and Malini knew instantly that this is the one she wanted to shower her love upon. They finished the paper work and rushed towards her; she held the angel closely to her bosom and determined never to leave. The little one, unaware of her life ahead, gave a heart-warming smile and snuggled upto the warmth.

Malini was a woman of strength; she knew what were the challenges involved… in taking up a decision like this. She had to convince herself first and then her husband and finally her in-laws. It wasn’t an easy job at all. Everyone had their own apprehensions. “Would you be able to love her equally and be concerned the way you have been towards Zinia?” Zinia was the first and only biological kid of three years borne to Malini & Ashutosh. “You need to be extra careful dealing with a kid like that, for even if it’s a genuine rebuke, they take it too personally, and react strongly”. “It could be diseased…”..“We never know from which parenthood he/she would come from”, “What if he/she becomes a rebel later, knowing that they are not his/her biological parents”, “It’s mostly in genes, what if the kid turns out to be a total spoilt one” etc etc…But, Malini was stern about it. She could deftly handle the situation. Ashutosh was a loving and an understanding husband. He mostly supported her for the fact he knew that Malini always thought carefully before plunging into anything. It was a noble thought after all to adopt and nurture a child.

Her flat was adorned at the arrival of Kavya, the little angel into the world of Roy’s. Kavya Roy – that’s what she would be known as, they contemplated.