Monday, April 7th 2008


The day started on a slow note. Woke up late…stirred a cup of tea with newspaper in hand, munching sum rusks. One of my aunts always insisted I should never have tea empty stomach; else we end up with acidity issues. It wasn’t too soggy today so continued lazing around and reading “The Japanese Wife”.

Did a bit of cooking later.  Somehow, cooking is quite therapeutic I believe. Outside… the clouds were darkening and floating low in the sky as if it would rain anytime. After lunch I blogged for a while and then outside, I could witness a heavy downpour. I simply could not resist but ran out to the terrace to drench myself. I did, I simply enjoyed to my heart’s content.  Was dripping from top to bottom…I pulled a neighborhood kid, and made her enjoy the torrential rain as well. Though I alarmed her she may fall sick but she too could not avoid the fun. It was an extraordinary feeling. I love rains…and moreover getting soaked. I was admonished and then… I had to come back for a change.

Coming back my excitement did not run down. I made a cuppa tea for myself….a hot cup of ginger tea…and sat down at the corridor, enjoying the rains outdoor and continued to read the chapter “Tiger…Tiger” from The Japanese Wife, Kunal Basu’s latest production. A collection of twelve short stories intricately based on relationships.