It was hot…and sultry. The sun shone intensely, he perspired and little drops of sweat trickled down his forehead. He looked at the sun and sometimes looked at his watch. And then, she appeared with her usual vibrant self. She smiled and waved at him. His heart skipped a beat. He smiled back, but it wasn’t a very happy one she thought. Something bothered him and he was under stress. This is exactly what she sensed. They have been around and together for more than five years now; and were planning to tie the knot soon. She came close and asked him if everything was alright and he nodded a yes. She was busy discussing her chores of the day and he patiently heard every bit. They decided to stroll by the side where the effervescent daffodils swayed and far away the sun was about to set. He didn’t know how to break the news to her. He was struggling with his mind and heart. “When are you taking me home to meet your mum?” she asked. “Hmm…well…let’s go for some coffee” he said. They walked by to the nearest coffee shop and ordered for two hot cups of cappuccino with sugar coated doughnuts. She smiled; he knew it was her favorite. He gazed her almond shaped eyes which was her most beautiful feature he thought. Her eyes speaks volumes is what he told her always. Once done, he chose to drop her home. She loved biking with him in the open air. It was cool now and the breeze was soothing. Both were quite for the first time. In the due silence she reached her place. He paused for a while, and in a lower baritone, said “Nishu” that’s what he called her fondly…”goodbye and take care of yourself” and darted off.

She tried several times to call him next day, but of no use. She tried calling his place but no response. He was gone. Gone forever…! A year later, she learned from a common friend he died of a brain tumor.