He ran across the road…only to realize that something, somewhere, someone was lost. It was a narrow road, covered with huge trees along the sides. Far off your eyes the blossoming mustard crops were stretched out. The sun was setting leisurely spreading its pastel colors across the horizon. He had to catch the next bus. The glow in his face was wiped off…his eyes were moist…he looked tired…he pondered over a while about her, sitting on a nearby hill. All past memories flared in his mind. The time spent together, how she cared for him, how she always craved for his well-being, how she was emotionally bound with him, how she was concerned about his nitty-gritty things. He choked and gulped down the forlorn moment.

All these days he could not see through her eyes the unconditional love that she bore in her heart…all for him…He made fun, he cracked his jokes, he enjoyed, he talked about his daily chores, and she listened to him carefully every bit he said. They met by the lake side today to tender goodbye; they spoke for a while and unconsciously she expressed how she felt for him.

“Err…but…how…when…you ne’r told…” is all what he said when she further added that she is soon to get married.