I love old hindi flicks….and currently I am awestruck by the classical genre of film making…and moved by the recent two movies that I played on my home-theater. “Do Bigha Zameen” and “Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam…” What a style, and what a performance delivery by Meena Kumari. Such innocence and nuances of emotions were just worthy of appreciations throughout. I was spellbound! 

On the other hand “Do Bigha Zameen” was a film which was portraying the farmer’s penchant to save his handful of land from the zamindar. Again a brilliant and evergreen performance by Balraj Sahni and the kid. There were instances in the film which was so moving like the restlessness of the kid to support his father in earning money and buy bangles for his mother. Another one being when the kid quietly puts back the money in the pot when given to have his dinner by lying that he wasn’t feeling too well, so that he could save money for the day. Amazingly shot and a touching storyline of the yesteryears…!