Don’t get too excited…its none of mine that I would want to publish at al ;-)…it’s the first exhilarating experience of a PLAY that I watched. I never had seen one before, as an art lover I always wanted to watch one…and then thanks to my friend Aish who shared this piece of information that there’s a Theater Festival coming up in Hyderabad, and without even giving a second thought I nodded a yes! The excitement of first time was visible on our faces, we were rushing to the place in advance primarily for the tickets and secondly because it was our first time J We had two more colleagues who joined us for the play and it was great fun…We had no clue as to what it is all about except for the snippet that was distributed in the form of posters about all the upcoming plays for the season. 

Love Letters…yes it was all about the journey of two characters that pass through various phases of life, childhood, adulthood, old age and even death. They shared their hidden feelings for each other, they wooed,,, annoyed and mollified each other, shared moments of happiness and sorrows, they discussed family, life, friends, love, hatred, jealousy, sex, marriage, children, sickness, death of near ones…everything that they possibly could discuss through letters, yes truly said a “dying art” in the play with the e-mails taking over the former. It clearly portrays Life in the most practical form that one can experience…could be one of our stories…All elements of life is wonderfully enacted in the so-well directed play and delivered so perfectly by such seasoned artistes; Rajit Kapoor (Of Suraj ka satwan ghoda, fame) and Shernaz Patel (Played mother of the protagonist in sanjay bhansali’s BLACK) both of them were just remarkable. The humor in the play was aptly stirred by the director and which made it more exciting. The flow of words, the performance, the intensity, the chemistry between the two was so perfect and flawless. Good plays always arrest your interest and keep you glued throughout and that’s what this play did…

Thanks to the entire play group for giving us such a wonderful time and an experience of a lifetime..I never for even once felt uninterested. I truly enjoyed my first play throughout…but unfortunately had to leave before the end due to my curfew hours at home…hehe!!