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S.E. – Awesome – do they serve beer there? Is it really true that everyone gets a pair of white wings to help them fly around? Have you got yours? Have you learnt to fly, do you enjoy landing more or taking off? Do tell me all, is there a Garden of Eden there too? Have you got any heavenly insights into the earth’s future, what about global warming, world peace etc? Have they told you where the Knights Templars buried their fabulous treasures? Who really built the Pyramids? What actually killed the dinosaurs? What is the purpose of the Stone Henge? What’s the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle? Is there intelligent life on other planets? Can you help me win a million-dollar lottery? How about helping me find a diamond mine – can you do that? Please reply.

Signed /-

From Planet Earth


S.E. – Err,  aap mar gaye ho ya zinda ho… please tell me, aap mere ko kahan se email bhej rahe ho…??