The involvement with him has been for four years now…nevertheless it has been tough to decide who is he?? What role does he play in her life..? How can he be referred as… a good & trustworthy friend, a philosopher or a guide? He has mentored her from the day one. Since then they have known each other. Though it was a brief stint however that short span has inspired her and instilled confidence in her so much so that she would not hesitate to show her heartfelt gratitude to him ever in her life… He has high hopes on her…he expects her to fly high in the sky, dream big and achieve it…be independent and live life with sheer dignity. Till date he encourages and inspires and she feels a sense of security having him around.

He has always been there whenever she needed…she loves spending time with him, talks incessantly whenever they meet, throws tantrums and he takes it all with his acute tolerant behavior. Any problem in her life big or small, she knows who to call up..? He has been the biggest critic in her life and don’t we all know that honest criticism always makes a better person out of you. Sometimes he scolds her too, for her immaturity and she takes it with a positive spirit.  Theres nothing called the word imposiible in his dictionary….

Not all of the qualities she likes about him. She hates when he is impulsive, and over-reactive on certain things. She hates him when he tries to be too perfect….She hates when he flirts with her though nothing offensive ever…because it’s all in a light context. Last but not the least of course he has occupied a different place altogether in her heart which is of high repute and immense respect and a platonic relationship which is immaculate & inexplicable!