Friday a very auspicious day for all those who have immense faith in Islam. They offer special prayers in the name of Allah. The congregation at Mecca Masjid is huge, close to 5000. Each one of them have their own prayers in their mind. Someone to recover from illness, some for peace and prosperity, some pray for wellbeing of their near and dear ones etc.. etc. Most of them bring along their kids to instil faith in Almighty God at an early stage of their lives.

An explosion and theres a sudden rush and utter chaos amongst the crowd. Children and women crying and everyone looking for the safety of their loved ones. Victims injured and bleeding profusely. Panic struck amongst all. Three dead bodies and all the prayers went unanswered for most of them. Those who escaped thanked God for being alive. The auspicious day turned out to be inauspicious and became a Black Friday in the history of Hyderabad. The toll rose to 16. That was not all, the policeman opened fire at the agitated.. and angered the already crowd in distress.

 May God shower peace to the souls of all those who have been afflicted…and strength to ones who have lost their family members….

Note – Such an inhumane act, terrorizing and scary!!! My whole being is horripulated at the very thought of the sufferings each one of them have experienced live!